Temple Spa Skin Care, Face & Body products

I have to admit I didn’t know this brand before, but after one friend of mine invited me to her house for a ‘Temple Spa Party’, I literally fell in love with all the products!!

Tengo que admitir que no conocía esta marca antes, pero después de que una amiga mía me ha invitado a una ‘Temple Spa Party’, ¡ me he enamorado de todos los productos de Temple Spa!

During this session I had the chance to try on a huge variety of Temple Spa products and here are the ones I would recommend for those of you having a sensitive skin like mine:

Durante esta party tuve suerte de probar muchos productos de Temple Spa, y esos son los que recomendaría a todas las chicas que, como yo, tienen una piel muy sensible :


  • be goneThe ‘Be gone’ cleansing lotion, which will gently clean your face. La crema ‘Be Gone’, que limpiara la piel de tu cara con suavidad.
  • go easy 150mlThe ‘Go easy’ eye makeup remover, which will remove all your makeup easily. El desmaquillador ‘Go Easy’, que te quitara tu maquillaje facilmente. 


  • sugar buff 50ml‘Sugar buff’ is an amazing product to me! It is to be used with the ‘No pain no gain’ massagerno pain no gainin order to have a smooth skin. And this brush is actually really soft, though it looks like it’s not. 😉

¡’Sugar buff’ es un producto incréible! Es necesario usarlo con el cepillo ‘No pain no gain’ para obtener una piel suave. E aunque no lo parece, este cepillo es muy agradable. 


  • palm balm 100mlLast product of my selection : The ‘Palm balm’ hand cream. Mi utlima seleccion : la crema para las manos ‘Palm balm’.

All products can be found here. Clica aqui aqua para ver todos los productos.

Ps: Please note that I do not own these pictures, they all belong to Temple Spa and are all from their website.

Did you know Temple Spa before? What other skin care products would you recommend?

¿ Ya conocías a Temple Spa? ¿ Que otros productos para el cuidado de la piel recomendarías? 

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