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Dash boutique is now available online: – Today the picture below was posted: definitely in love with the Chanel bag!

Dash boutique

Makeup by Mario

Mario Dedivanovic creating the Anastasia Beverly Hills summer campaign look.

Mario Dedivanovic creating the Anastasia Beverly Hills summer campaign look.

Lipsy London

Lipsy added some pic from Coachella festival – and we love it! ❤


Maison Valentino

Gorgeous bag from Maison Valentino SS15 collection.


Giambattista Valli to partner with MAC for 2015

International fashion magazine Vogue announced a collaboration between italian designer Giambattista Valli and world known cosmetics brand MAC for Summer 2015.

Giambattista Valli teams up with canadian brand MAC for Summer 2015 collection. A range of five brightful shades has been created (see above). This partnership intervenes as Giambattista’s fashion house will celebrate 10th anniversary next year. “I’m very well known for dresses, no? And I thought it was very nice, the idea of dressing your lips,” designer stated in Vogue’s article.

It’s not MAC’s first collaboration – but other partnerships involved singers, like Nicki Minaj or Rihanna (Viva Glamourous still available here), and not fashion designers.

MAC x Giambattista Valli will be available in summer 2015. Meanwhile, be sure to be ready for end of the year parties with MAC’s holiday collections here.

Kendall Jenner as Estée Lauder’s new face

American model Kendall Jenner is now Estée Lauder’s new ambassador. Buzz of brand refresh?

kendall jenner and joan smalls

Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls for Estée Lauder – source file:

This was one of last week’s biggest announcements in the world of fashion and cosmetics: 19 year-old American model Kendall Jenner has been chosen as Estée Lauder’s new ambassador. The Kardashian’s half-sister’s model made her debuts when she walked for Marc Jacobs’ Fall collection. She then walked for the Chanel couture show this summer and was featured in numerous fashion magazines.

More than just a superstar, she’s become a role model for millions of girls all around the world with 15 million followers on her Instagram account. Kendall also gave a short interview on Estée Lauder’s website.

So is Kendall’s endorsement for the brand just a buzz for the cosmetics brand? Or does this mean a real brand refresh? It’s true that when one thinks of Estée Lauder (when I do think of it, at least), I would just NOT imagine the brand’s products for one second… Indeed, when thinking of Estée Lauder, the first words that come to my mind are: luxury, high quality, unaffordable and… old! In conclusion, I am not one of the marketing targets.

However, when I saw Estée Lauder’s campaign with Kendall, I thought it was very clever and part of the brand’s wish to refresh and attract young women like me. And looks like it’s working! On social media at least. Two days ago, Uk Daily Mail reported that Kendall Jenner had already “boosted Estée Lauder’s Instagram page by 50k followers”. Now the question is: what is the impact this increase will have on Estée Lauder’s sales? To be followed!

Temple Spa Skin Care, Face & Body products

I have to admit I didn’t know this brand before, but after one friend of mine invited me to her house for a ‘Temple Spa Party’, I literally fell in love with all the products!!

Tengo que admitir que no conocía esta marca antes, pero después de que una amiga mía me ha invitado a una ‘Temple Spa Party’, ¡ me he enamorado de todos los productos de Temple Spa!

During this session I had the chance to try on a huge variety of Temple Spa products and here are the ones I would recommend for those of you having a sensitive skin like mine:

Durante esta party tuve suerte de probar muchos productos de Temple Spa, y esos son los que recomendaría a todas las chicas que, como yo, tienen una piel muy sensible :


  • be goneThe ‘Be gone’ cleansing lotion, which will gently clean your face. La crema ‘Be Gone’, que limpiara la piel de tu cara con suavidad.
  • go easy 150mlThe ‘Go easy’ eye makeup remover, which will remove all your makeup easily. El desmaquillador ‘Go Easy’, que te quitara tu maquillaje facilmente. 


  • sugar buff 50ml‘Sugar buff’ is an amazing product to me! It is to be used with the ‘No pain no gain’ massagerno pain no gainin order to have a smooth skin. And this brush is actually really soft, though it looks like it’s not. 😉

¡’Sugar buff’ es un producto incréible! Es necesario usarlo con el cepillo ‘No pain no gain’ para obtener una piel suave. E aunque no lo parece, este cepillo es muy agradable. 


  • palm balm 100mlLast product of my selection : The ‘Palm balm’ hand cream. Mi utlima seleccion : la crema para las manos ‘Palm balm’.

All products can be found here. Clica aqui aqua para ver todos los productos.

Ps: Please note that I do not own these pictures, they all belong to Temple Spa and are all from their website.

Did you know Temple Spa before? What other skin care products would you recommend?

¿ Ya conocías a Temple Spa? ¿ Que otros productos para el cuidado de la piel recomendarías?